Monday, October 22, 2012

Dijae DaHoodDiva King Tut Freestyle

No, normally it takes me a while to check out videos...but her twitter #avi caught my eye.  

So I did.  I mean....c'mon.... Her bio says  "Rapper/Model HOLD MY OWN!!" ....and by the look of her #avi pic, I believed she could indeed hold her own.  

I'm definitely rocking with Dijae.  I rep the #ATL all day long, but I've always rocked with #Brooklyn and she definitely made me  rock with her.  

So, while I'm watching her video AGAIN...why don't you watch it with me.  Be sure to leave comments.  You know these ladies rocked!  And check her out at .  

Words by Attica Lundy aka The Boss Lady
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