Sunday, January 20, 2013

2 For 1 Doobie & Big Ben Trailer

Doobie and Big Ben Atlanta's hottest new duo presents to the world their highly anticipated debut mixtape entitled 2 For 1 (Money Motivated). With special features Yung Booke (D.O.P.E), Kief formerly known as JR Get Money, Young Ralph, F.L.Y, and Production by Slim C, Young Mercy, Paper Boy, K.E on the track, Loyaltee, Kritical Perfexion, and Black Keys.

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01. Doobie & Big Ben - Money Motivated (Feat. [Prod. By Slim C]
02. Doobie & Big Ben - Veto [Prod. By Paper Boy]
03. Doobie & Big Ben - Hustlin (Feat. Kief) [Prod. By Kritical Perfexion]
04. Doobie & Big Ben - Bandz [Prod. By Paper Boy]
05. Doobie & Big Ben - Um On [Prod. By Young Mercy]
06. Doobie & Big Ben - They Don't Know [Prod. By Paper Boy]
07. Doobie & Big Ben - Everything (Feat. Young Ralph) [Prod. By Paper Boy]
08. Doobie & Big Ben - Never Broke Again (Feat. Yung Booke) [Prod. By Young Mercy]
09. Doobie & Big Ben - No Question [Prod. By Young Mercy]
10. Doobie & Big Ben - Paralyzed [Prod. By K.E. On The Track]
11. Doobie & Big Ben - Right Now [Prod. By Paper Boy]
12. Doobie & Big Ben - Backstabbers [Prod. By Slim C]
13. Doobie & Big Ben - Money (Feat. F.L.Y) [Prod. By Slim C]
14. Doobie & Big Ben - Headaches [Prod. By Black Keys]
15. Doobie & Big Ben - Famous [Prod. By Young Mercy]
16. Doobie & Big Ben - All I Know [Prod. By Loyaltee] 

Doobie Dat Dude and Big Ben of Zone 4/Campbellton Road's new mixtape "2 For 1" will be dropping on LIVEMIXTAPES reportedly between January 25 and January 26. At this time, no definite time has been confirmed, but this is one mixtape that has built up momentum.  Be sure to get in on the countdown and we'll keep you posted!

Take a look at the trailer:

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